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We are Paul & Anne Nunn. We’ve been husband and wife for just over 13 years. We have three wonderful, exhausting, precious, noisy kiddos; two daughters and a son. They have two brothers who have gone to be with their greater Father.

We live in Oregon, whose beaches, mountains and deserts we relish as often as we can.
We spend our time serving as leaders in our local fellowship, pastoring worship leaders, working as photographers, backpacking, writing and way too may other things to list.


The Blog

This blog is dedicated to exploring, through words and photographs, the ideas and relationships born of the high country.

Here in the great northwest we’re blessed to be surrounded by an amazing bunch of people, we call them church. They are our community and among them are our family.

The Church is made up of sons and daughters who have been called out by their Father. They have said yes to His love. They have been given to one another. They are the Father’s adopting arms in an orphaned world.

Community gathers around a common idea, for a common cause. They are those who help, those who work, those who share, those who build.

Family draws close, they have been invited in to know and be known. They are those who abide, those who cover, those who adopt, those who trust.

These three overlap and commingle. They are not things, they are people. They hold on and stretch out to create the landscape of the kindred. They are a wilderness that ranges within and without. They fill their lungs and their valleys with the atmosphere of the Kingdom of a good Father.


“The truth seems to be, however, that the mother-forest, and these wild things which it nourished, all recognized a kindred
wildness in the human child”.

– The Scarlet Letter


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